Gobind Malhi

High Priest of Progressive Sindhi Literature & promoter of Sindhi Culture

+91 9820819989


Gallery2/ Gobind-Malhi-9.jpg Bhagwanti Navani

Bhagwanti Navani

Gallery2/ Gobind-Malhi-17.jpg Gobind Malhi

Gobind Malhi

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Gallery2/ Gobind-Malhi-20.jpg

Gallery2/ Gobind-Malhi-21.jpg

Gallery2/ Gobind-Malhi-23.jpg In Kolkata, Calcuta

In Kolkata, Calcuta

Gallery2/ Gobind-Malhi-24.jpg Regal Traders - Dubai

Regal Traders - Dubai

Gallery2/ Gobind-Malhi-25.jpg Sindhu-a Je Kinare Ji Shooting 1966

Sindhu-a Je Kinare Ji Shooting 1966

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Gallery2/ Gobind-Malhi27.jpg Krishan Chathi Utsav- 5-Sep-1964

Krishan Chathi Utsav- 5-Sep-1964

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Gallery2/ Gobind-Malhi-29.jpg Seasons Greeting Card to Gobind Malhi

Seasons Greeting Card to Gobind Malhi

Gallery2/ Gobind-Malhi-30.jpg

Gallery2/ Gobind-Malhi-31.jpg

Gallery2/ Gobind-Malhi-32.jpg Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Ain Sahit Sabha

Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Ain Sahit Sabha

Gallery2/ Gobind-Malhi-33.jpg Mohan Je Dare tey

Mohan Je Dare tey

Gallery2/ Gobind-Malhi-34.jpg

Gallery2/ Gobind-Malhi-36.jpg Pushpa Malhi Chowk

Pushpa Malhi Chowk

Gallery2/ Gobind-Malhi-37.jpg Jyot Prajwalan

Jyot Prajwalan

Gallery2/ Gobind-Malhi-38.jpg Mohan Je Dare Te (2-Dec-1989)

Mohan Je Dare Te (2-Dec-1989)

Gallery2/ Gobind-Malhi-39.jpg

Gallery2/ Gobind-Malhi-40.jpg Gobind Malhi at home

Gobind Malhi at home

Gallery2/ Gobind-Malhi-41.jpg Gobind Malhi Family

Gobind Malhi Family

Gallery2/ Gobind-Malhi-42.jpg Gobind Malhi with Daughter

Gobind Malhi with Daughter

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